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Get the Most out of Your User Research with Tangible Tools

Designing a new service or product requires a lot of input. Evaluating existing solutions by getting out into the world is a great starting point. It’s how you begin to […]

how to create an innovative workspace

How to Create Innovative Workspaces Without Breaking the Bank

Your work environment serves as an additional team member. It influences what you create in it by encouraging certain behaviors and discouraging others. The physical environment provides inspiration and support […]


Learn More from Your Customers with This 4-Step Interview Structure

Open-ended interviews with customers are an essential technique to add to your professional skill set. No matter your background or role, learning how to do an open-ended interview will create a […]


How to Create and Deliver More Compelling Presentations

Who doesn’t want to present their ideas to others more effectively? When you present effectively, your audience engages. They give you better feedback. They offer support. They connect you to […]

online collaboration virtual collaboration

How to Overcome Distance With Effective Online Collaboration

Making ideas tangible, communicating face-to-face, and getting consistent feedback are key parts of collaboration and working differently. At first glance, it seems like these behaviors don’t translate well to a […]


Three Ways to Prepare for a Challenging Workshop Participant

This week I took the opportunity to answer a question I received in response to one of my weekly emails. Jason, who works in financial services, had a tough time […]

divergent and convergent thinking

How to Use Divergent and Convergent Thinking to Improve Your Work

To some, design thinking is nothing more than a bunch of brainstorms and sticky notes. In reality, design thinking is a powerful approach to creating new value. A set of […]

framework examples

How to Make a Design Framework to Structure Your Project

One of the most challenging aspects of modern business problems is that they are highly unstructured. To grow a new business or expand an existing one, you have to figure […]